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General terms and conditions

By entering into business with our company, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Art. 1: When requesting a transfer from the home to the airport and vice versa, the company or private individual either contacts Geronimo by telephone, or the request is sent to Geronimo by fax or email. Each written request is preferably made on the usual forms that are available on request from Geronimo. This written request shall at least contain a complete description of the assignment. Each written request (and if possible also by telephone) will be confirmed by fax or email by Geronimo, after which Geronimo undertakes to carry out the transport in accordance with the modalities of these general terms and conditions. Deviating general terms and conditions of the company, the private individual or the persons to be transported can only be accepted if they have been expressly accepted in writing by Geronimo, before the start of the execution of the agreement. A copy of the application and/or confirmation will be issued to the person(s) to be transported.

Art. 2 : In order to ensure correct execution, the applicant and the persons to be transported must provide all useful information, as well as any relevant information requested by Geronimo. At least the number of persons to be transported, the pick-up or drop-off address, the planned departure and/or arrival time of the flight and a telephone number where the persons to be transported can be reached in case of necessary changes must be communicated upon request.

Art. 3: The persons to be transported are collected by Geronimo at the address stated in the order at least 3 hours before the scheduled departure time of the flight. The exact time of the collection will be communicated in the written confirmation by Geronimo. If necessary due to unforeseeable traffic jams, crowds, road works and/or weather conditions, the persons to be transported can be contacted directly by Geronimo to adjust the time of collection.

Art. 4 : When picking up at the airport, the people to be transported must always look out for a sign with Geronimo. The persons to be transported undertake to inform Geronimo without delay if they are not on the designated flight to zaventem. In the event of a major change in the arrival and/or departure times, the persons to be transported must also inform Geronimo of this immediately. In the absence of timely notification to Geronimo, the full price will be owed, if necessary increased by the waiting hours and the cost price for the useless/vain relocation by Geronimo.

Art. 5: The agreement can be amended, dissolved or terminated at any time by the company, private individual or the persons to be transported, subject to payment of a fixed compensation of:

More than eight days before departure/arrival : 20% of the price.
Less than eight days before departure/arrival, but before any commencement of execution of the agreement: 50% of the price.
Any change, dissolution or cancellation must be communicated to Geronimo in writing and in good time.

Art. 6 : Geronimo may, without compensation, dissolve the agreement in whole or in part if extraordinary circumstances arise before or during the execution of the contract, which Geronimo could not have known at the time of concluding the contract and, if Geronimo had known these, a valid reason for not concluding the agreement.

Art. 7: Geronimo is liable for the damage suffered by the person to be transported due to full or partial non- or defective execution of the agreement, except in the case of force majeure and unless Geronimo demonstrates that it has taken all necessary and useful precautions to ensure that the transfer proceeds smoothly in accordance with the best efforts obligation resting on Geronimo. Under no circumstances can the airline company be held liable in the event of shortcomings on the part of Geronimo. All complaints in this regard are addressed directly to Geronimo. For all requirements regarding delay and/or missing the flight due to force majeure, fault of a third party, own fault of the company, the private individual or the person to be transported, Geronimo cannot be held liable.

Art. 8 : The persons to be transported are liable for all damage incurred by Geronimo as a result of their fault.

Art. 9 : Geronimo is insured in accordance with the provisions of the regent decree of 15 June 1947 on the transport of persons.

Art. 10 : All price offers are only binding on us for 1 month, unless another term has been expressly determined in writing, and are subject to revision if the prices of the means of production should increase.

Art. 11 : Complaints with regard to the services provided by Geronimo are only acceptable and to be considered if they are communicated by registered letter within eight days after the execution. A complaint cannot serve as a reason to suspend or postpone payment.

Art. 12: Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all our invoices must be paid in cash or at least on the stated due date and this without discount. 1.5% per month, as well as a fixed compensation of 10% with a minimum of 125 euros.

Art. 13 : Cases of force majeure release Geronimo from all responsibility. Force majeure includes: exceptional weather conditions, unforeseen traffic jams, unannounced road works, demonstrations, etc. This list is an example, but is not restrictive.

Art. 14 : In the event of a dispute, only the courts of the jurisdiction where Geronimo’s registered office has jurisdiction.

Art. 15 : Waiting time : After 30 minutes of waiting, 35€/h will be charged at the pick-up address (not at the airport or station).

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Airport transport or VIP service?